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Organize for Safety's Sake! Part 2

Organization in the home allows for an easier process after any incident or emergency like theft, fire, or flood when your insurance needs a list of items that were stolen, or become damaged. And when you know where everything is, you will know when something is missing, and what is missing.

  1. Get insurance. Whether you're in a house, apartment, co-op, or condo, insurance is available. There is security when you know you're covered should an incident occur. *There are different insurance carriers and packages. Research the best option for you and what you want covered.

  2. Purchase a fireproof safe. About 10 years ago, one of my neighbors, who have moved since, had a fire in their apartment that ended tragically. The next day, I went to Home Depot and bought a fireproof safe to place my important paperwork and other important items. I learned that night I only had time to grab my coat (it was winter) and my bag. Since I place my keys, bag and coat near the entrance, it's a quick scoop and run. TIP: Organize your entry in a way that would allow you to grab your items in the dark.

  3. Purchase fire extinguishers. That same fire in my building made me buy 2 fire extinguishers: one for grease fire and one for the rest. TIP: Organize your kitchen to make room for a fire extinguisher. Here is another reason to ensure you clean out your pantry and fridge on a regular basis.

  4. Only your most important belongings. After 9/11, people made emergency bags. Although, not everyone has stayed as vigilant, it's important to have those bags ready for any red life emergency.

  5. Have a family emergency plan. The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) always recommends for families to have an emergency plan in case of fire. The New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) recommends an emergency plan for everything else. Go to links to make your plan!

  6. Make sure your smoke, carbon monoxide alarm is on & working. It is so unfortunate how many deaths happen in a year due to tenants not having these alarms, turning them off, or not replacing batteries. Replace batteries every daylight savings time, and clean the alarm regularly from dust.

  7. Get rid of clutter! Getting rid of clutter is not what everyone wants to hear, but must understand. Getting rid of clutter DOES contribute to your safety. Piles of items make a fire move even quicker, items all over the place can contribute to you bumping or falling over it, and you will not be able to know everything that was taken if there is theft. If you don't donate it, gift it, use it, then get rid of it. TIP: The Holidays are coming why not see if there is anything you can give as a gift. If it has a sentimental background, write the story and include it in the gift.

  8. Organize your home. When we place our coats near the door, it makes sense since a coat is the first thing we take off when we enter or the last items we wear before leaving the door. Well, organizing with safety in mind is the same thing. Your grease fire extinguisher is going to be located not only in the kitchen, but also near enough to the stove to be able to retrieve and use. Organize for safety using the links provided in this article, and place them where it would be easy to find, use, replace, and return to its home.

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