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Sanitize Sunday

Not just sanitize, but also clean.

On September 28th, I wrote about sanitizing, creating a sanitization station, and making sanitizing a routine. You can read that post here. As people are getting fatigued by Covid-19 rules, I just wanted to post a reminder with an ADDITIONAL note.


As we have gone into the Holiday season wearing masks, gloves, and washing our hands, we have to remember to stay diligent so we can all have a great Holiday!

Continue to sanitize daily everything that is touched on a regular basis: doorknobs, handles, light switches, ear pods, headphones, remote controls, gaming equipment, etc.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The other piece of this is to CLEAN! Cleaning and sanitizing are two different things. You're not trying to sanitize dirt. You must clean as well as sanitize for best sanitization results.

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