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Speaking of Sustainable Organizing......

After a decluttering session, most clients have empty bins, baskets, bowls, etc. that we are able to reuse and repurpose in the same decluttered space, or in another room.

Take leftover party favor bags and boxes to store paint supplies, small items in a child's room or office, or a refillable item in the kitchen.

Take your jars from store bought items and reuse them as casual glassware or small vases, and for storing leftovers, sauces you made, and even lunch!

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Catherine who had visions of a colorful garden of flowers and plants! Yet she had no sunlight in her home, and she tried to make her vision come alive...... What I'm saying is I killed every plant including a cactus, UGH!

So what to do with all those plant pots? Besides giving some to other people that are able to grow BEAUTIFUL plants and flowers, I used them to corral color pencils, markers, and highlighters.

Go ahead and use those extra bins and baskets on a specific category of clothing to place on shelves. You can also place in a drawer to divide clothing and accessories, or use as a catchall on a dresser top or table.

And don't stop there! You know that dress you're no longer crazy about? Cut it and turn it into a top. Thick knee-high socks with a hole on the toe can become leg warmers. Old towels and sheets can be reused for pet beds and grooming.

Let me know how you're practicing sustainability in your home @OrgByCatO.

Contact me here to help you with your sustainable organization project.

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