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The #1 Reason You Don't Have Enough Space In your Apt... and it's not the square footage.

I'm sure you thought I was going to say you need to get rid of half your stuff! Not necessarily. Yes, it is best to get rid of items you do not wear, use, or are a burden. However, I like a Minimalist look as much as I like a Maximilist look, as well as every other decor style in between.

By looking at the photo above, can you figure out what is the #1 reason you don't have enough space in your apartment?


I will give you a hint: where did your eye automatically go to in the photo?

Ding-ding-ding - and the winner is whoever said the bike! I'll give you some points if your eye went to the top of the bookshelves, lol.

The #1 reason you do not have enough room in your apartment is because you are not using the entire HEIGHT of your walls.

Don't let bookshelves, art, pictures, etc, end close to eye level. Use the entire height of the wall.

Collections should be on display, not tucked away. Using the entire wall makes your collection intentional and impactful versus junky. Note: planning is needed to have all of it fit on your wall just right.

Use the architecture to your advantage! I have similar walls to the one in this picture. I use the moulding as frames - whether it's one big piece of art, or multiple art pieces; a photo gallery or a collection.

Invest in a system. There are great systems out there for different projects and budgets, but my favorite is the Elfa from The Container Store. As a renter, the great thing about Elfa is the flexibility (I could take it with me if I move), the minimal use of drilling, and yet durable.

(Coming soon: before and after pics of my kitchen using Elfa).

Now go take a look at all the walls in your apartment, or home, and start planning. Contact me here to get started on this project!

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