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The Baking Organization You Knead This Holiday Season

Did you know it was National Cookie Day on Dec. 4th?! Me neither, and who comes up with these 'national day' holidays anyway? Well, since I missed it, and I love me some chocolate chip cookies, AND it's the Holiday season...... I am declaring December, drumroll please, National Baking Month!

Before getting your baking on, I wanted to share how you can organize your baking tools & goodies. Recently, I virtually helped a client with a kitchen organization plan for her new home that is currently being constructed. She loves to bake, and her greatest worry was where, and how, all her baking tools were going to fit. Here are some of my tips for organizing your bakeware.... just in time for all your Holiday baking!


Every kitchen must be broken down into zones: cooking, cleaning, prep, consumables, non-consumables, and other (this is my own category). In this case, since this client bakes often, the "other" zone is the baking zone. Looking at the layout and specs of what her kitchen will look like, her Baking Zone will be her big island. It's the largest countertop space available, her grandkids can comfortably sit around and help, and having it all in one location will eliminate going back and forth to retrieve items for baking.

The KITCHEN ISLAND will stay clean on top, of course. The under cabinets will house everything she needs using pull out drawers, sorters, shelves, and a Kitchen Aid lift shelf.

Here are some organizing products that will organize this Baking Zone:

A Mixer Lift is essential if you're a baker. Place this in the under cabinet of your baking zone!

Rev-A-Shelf pull out Baskets/Shelves which can be found at Lowe's, Amazon, and other big box stores. Pick the best size for your under cabinet. TIP: Measure the cabinet door opening otherwise you cannot pull out the drawer. The inside of a cabinet is usually larger than the actual opening.

A pull out bakeware organizer, or a bakeware/cookware organizer rack. There are different kinds of pull-out bakeware organizers for you to choose from. I prefer a chrome, stainless steel one because it's sturdier, and easy to clean.

There are different types of bakeware racks available that can either be drilled into the bottom of the cabinet, or just stand on its own. An expandable organizer allows you to customize it to different bakeware sizes. I prefer one that is expandable in case more bakeware will be added in the future. bakeware racks are especially perfect for the under cabinets with a shallower shelf on the inside.

Drawer organizers for all the different knives, frosting smoother, rolling pins and all the accessories are to be customized according to your aesthetic, drawer sizes, and what you own. They come in shallow or deep, as well as clear, bamboo, or plastic; so pick accordingly by planning your drawer layout first!

I didn't forget about the food containers to keep your flours and sugars fresh! You can choose from an a HUGe array from plastic, to ceramic, to glass. I personally love the oxo Brand, but pick the ones you prefer. Just keep in mind you want a seal on the lid to entire freshness.

Some Other Ideas:

Each baker has a preference on where to keep their cookie cutters, measuring cups, measuring spoons, etc.

  1. Use a large container for cookie cutters. Or if you have a lot of different kinds, use smaller ones and categorize by Holiday, season, etc.

  2. Hang measuring cups and spoons on the inside of a cabinet door.

  3. Use decorative bins or large food containers to categorize baking items.

  4. Use hooks to hold mixer parts, or an under cabinet holder like this one I saw on Etsy.

  5. Small and large sets of drawers can also be used to store other items like sprinkles, molds, coloring, etc.

HAPPY BAKING EVERYONE! And I do take gifts in the form of baked goods, just contact me here ;-)

All the links and suggested items are what I personally like. I do not get paid or sponsored by any of the brands.

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