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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of organizing projects do you do?
    Every client and project is different, so I take on projects big and small. I have organized kitchens, pantries, children's bedrooms, home offices/spaces, closets, attics, basements, nooks & crannies, around radiators and pipes, and all of NYC Metro area apartment or home challenges. I also offer visual merchandising to small shops, in addition to organizing their inventory of stock, supplies, office, and employee common areas. I define small shops as any small shop that does not, or cannot, have a stock or merchandising team.
  • What makes you different?
    I primarily like to show clients how they can be organized without necessarily buying more boxes and bins. Many times, after a decluttering session, a client has boxes, bins, and other organization items that can be reused or repurposed. However, sometimes there will be spaces, like offices, or kid's rooms, that need organizing products; or if they're looking for a social media, HGTV O-M-G! moment. It really depends on what the client is looking for. Also, I work and organize in the interest of maximizing your space, time, and possessions so you can focus on the more important things in your life. As for small shops, between my education at Fashion Institute of Technology and the many years in the retail industry, I know the daily tasks and skills a store needs to be visually appealing, and have their inventory and "back of house" run efficiently.
  • Who should hire you?
    Everyone. Anyone. It doesn't matter if you have small or large projects. Everyone, and every project, is different so whether it is a hands-on project, a coaching project, or a mixture of both; or if it's one wall, two rooms, or a whole house, anyone can use my services.
  • What amount should I place on an eGift Card?
    Although it is entirely up to you, look over the fees of the different services, and purchase an eGift Card in the "Start at..." amount. This allows the recipient to have one session. There is an In-Home Consultation that takes place before any session is booked. Therefore, I would add another $100. i.e. An "Organized" session starts at $300, add the In-Home Consultation fee and that will make the eGift Card $400. You can contact me at to review the needs of the recipient before purchasing the eGift Card, or add an additional amount to the eGift Card after purchase, and before scheduled session(s).
  • What if I have a small budget?
    That's okay! During your FREE phone consultation we can discuss your project and budget, I will let you know your options, and then you decide.
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