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How This Works

  • It begins with your FREE phone consultation

  • We will discuss your vision, needs, and goals.

  • We will set up a day & time for an In-Home Consultation, On-Site Small Shop Consultation, or Virtual Consultation to assess the scope of your project.

  • A plan and estimate will be presented. 

  • You book Decluttering and Organizing Sessions.

  • You get Organized by Catherine O! 

Virtual, In-Home, or Small Shop Consultation

An In-Home Consultation is when I come in and look at the actual space you need organized. It takes between 1 to 2 hours (depending on the scope of the project). On-Site Small Shop Consultation, takes 2-4 hours. Measurements and pictures will be taken; "homework" may be given, as well. A Virtual Consultation is when you and I meet virtually, I get to see the space virtually, and will have you take measurements, as well as send photos. 

Within that time, I will review the information and details we spoke about on the phone, ask questions, answer any other questions you may have, and provide an estimated quote.

Customized Organization Plan

An Individual Plan is an organization plan that is created for you or small shop, your space and your lifestyle, or space and business needs. What you do, how you do it, what you have, what you need or want, and how you want your home or small shop to be, are combined together with all the information from the Virtual or In-Home/On-Site Consultation, to create an organized space you will love and is best suited to your lifestyle, or for your business.

Decluttering & Organizing Session

An Organizing Session can be anywhere between 4 hours to 8 hours. We will go through everything in the space and decide on what is staying and leaving, to declutter and organize the space. I will help, explain, and show you skills in organizing and maintaining the organization. *Most home organizing projects take a minimum of 8 hours, while small shops take a minimum of 2 full days.* 

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