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Holiday Prep: The Fridge

Refreshing and reorganizing the fridge will maximize the space inside to fit ALL the yummy, Holiday goodness! Clean out the fridge and pitch any leftovers that got left... lol. If you can adjust shelves, think about what will make their way in the fridge and make room for it now.


If you don't already, owning fridge organizing items will maximize the space within the fridge, helps food last longer, and organize all the food so you don't waste time when you're cooking or putting away the next set of leftovers!

Use fruit and vegetable savers, or inserts for the crisper that can keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. I'm a fan of the brand OXO. Their Greensaver Produce Containers are really great!

Wine holders, canned beverage and water bottle organizers compacts a large number of beverages within a minimal amount of space.

And of course, refrigerator and freezer bins or baskets, lazy susans, food storage containers, and labels are other organizing items that will get your entire fridge ready for the next Holiday dinner.

**All items mentioned, or linked, are items that I like and/or personally use. I have not been asked, or get paid, to promote their merchandise. You can also google the items in this post for other retailers.**


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