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Pests in the Kitchen

This is a continuation to my November 9, 2020 post about pests.

Back to this uncomfortable, heeby-jeeby, whole-body-cringing subject: PESTS!

Kitchens are the favorite place for pests because food is located there, and it is usually the warmest room in your home. Pests can have multiple places to enter through due to the gas pipe, radiators, plumbing, and maintenance of apartment or home. That doesn’t mean they don’t enter from some other location, so as I stated in the past post, ask your building for a pest inspection, or call and pay a pest company to do so.


First Steps

  1. Plan and prep If your kitchen is in disarray, or just needs an update, plan where things will go. Prep by having all the right cleaning products needed to complete this project.

  2. Dump out the kitchen and deep clean it. Take everything out of cabinets, under cabinets, and any furniture piece that is mobile. I have my kitchen in the Living Room and Entryway twice a year and I clean everything! All the cabinets inside and out, walls, baseboards, corners, and places I don’t get to on a regular basis. While you’re cleaning notice any holes and gaps with the 35 Cents Rule*.

  3. Go through all the items and take notes. Go through all the food, spices, pots, pans, oven mitts, small appliances, utensils, kitchen towels, etc. Throw out any expired foods ad spices. Repurpose kitchen towels with holes and ugly stains as a cleaning rag. Pitch any small appliances that need replacing or has seen its day (i.e. a non-stick pan that food sticks to when cooking). Write down anything you need to purchase, including any organizing products.

  4. Categorize like with like: spices, canned goods, rice and breads, oils and vinegars, condiments, baking, snacks, cereal, etc. Hey, don’t be afraid to have your own category in your kitchen. I only like 2 cereals so I have a “Breakfast” shelf in one of my upper cabinets. I have a friend who does movie night with her husband and kids in their backyard, a Movie Night basket of goodies is in her cabinet.

  5. Place and jot down Place each category in their home, and take notes on any organizing products you may need: food containers for things like flour, rice, sugar, etc; bins and lazy susans for placing categories like oils and vinegars, baking, pasta, etc. What you will need to purchase will depend on how much of it you own (or will own) and the space it’s going in. That is why this is done at the end.


Next Steps

  • Get a pest inspection done. Make sure to show the exterminator any gaps and holes you saw during your cleaning. Also communicate and show where any “evidence” of pests were present. A reputable pest control company, like Better Deal Pest Management, Inc, will provide a summary of their findings, what must be done, and a quote for their services if you would like them to do the job.

  • Make sure there is a follow up visit. This is usually done two weeks later.

  • Have regular visits. Whether it is the building you live in that is taking care of it, or you hired the service, have regular visits after the follow up visit. I have Better Deal Pest Management, Inc coming back in April 2021, then every 6 months after that. You can continue the service for peace of mind (that’s me) or until, after a while, there is no evidence of pests.

  • Maintain the cleanliness and organization. Keep up the good work of maintaining your home from pests through consistent cleaning routines and keeping things organized. Doing a purges from time to time, and organizing by category throughout the year will maintain “stuff” levels.

Before you know it, you will realize how much you waste, or don’t need, and start saving time and money!

Controlling your kitchen (and home) will control pests!


Better Deal Pest Management, Inc services the NYC Tri-State Area of all pest control needs. Contact them at 718-882-0206 or


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