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The #1 Thing That Keeps You Organized

Pile it, file it, hang it, fold it, dump it, hook it, place it, display it - No matter how you do it, only ONE THING will have you stay organized. You can hire me for a couple of sessions, or 20 sessions; do it yourself or get the family involved in getting organized. You could read organizing books, read articles on organizing, watch Netflix shows on organizing - still only ONE way to maintain the organization!


I know that's not what you want to hear, but the best closet system, bookcase, and so on, can be built and installed, and it still relies on you to hang it where it belongs, fold it and place it in its home, place the shoes back, display it back on the shelf...... you get the gist.

I organize according to the clients' lifestyles and habits, but the behaviors must support the organization. You have to hang your coat, you have to put yesterday's clothes away, you have to put those dishes back, you have to place the towel back on the bar, and so on... Read the last post about planning before continuing on, as they work hand-in-hand. Changing the behaviors that supports your organization goals is the next step. I'm not saying you're making drastic changes, necessarily, but a change is gonna come, lol.

I will use myself as an example. Planning for my personal, organizing projects always includes my habits. The most prevalent is my laziness, or as a client corrected me, my efficiency. Yeah, let's use that word: efficiency! My mom wouldn't have agreed, but that's another story. I do NOT want to do more work on ANYTHING than is necessary. So no, I do not decant, for the most part, because it's extra work to remove items from its packaging, place in a canister, have to clean that canister in between fills, then dry it before refilling, and then multiply that by the amount of items in my kitchen...... uuhhh NO! I fold my T's and place in a drawer like files, but since I have solid and graphic T's, I need to see what's on the front to differentiate them (pic below), so no Marie Kondo folding for me. Also, I do not label anything unless I cannot see the inside of the container, or items look similar. These are just a few of my habits and I hopes it helps you have a little more insight on the process of organization, and YOUR organization.

So, after you decide which space to organize, and plan accordingly, be open and willing to change some of your behaviors. Not sure what your habits and behaviors are, and need help? Contact me to help you in person or virtually.

Here is a photo of my clutches and handbags. I have a thing for clutches, but I stopped buying them a few years ago because I only need so many. With the help of The Container Store's Premium Stackable Sweater Bin and a clear top, I was able to 'file' my clutches, 2 envelope clutches are sitting on the lid, and handbags to the left. Easy grab and go, and placing back in its home.

This is a picture of one of my drawers this past summer (not fully open): tanks & T's on the left, graphic T's in the middle, and shorts on the right.

Contact me to help you make an Organization Plan virtually, and help you maintain the organization.

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