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Make Do Monday

I grew up between the Lower East Side and The Bronx, from Gompers Houses to Bronx River to Gun Hill, and the #1 lesson I learned is to make do with what you have.

Hence: Make Do Monday!

A couple of weeks ago I was reorganizing the kitchen and made a list of anything I needed as I went along. One of the items I was going to buy was the OXO Pop Container that would fit 4 lbs of small grain rice. I looked it up online and it was $20; not expensive, but more than I wanted to spend. In the end, the tried and true Puerto Rican tradition prevailed: the green can of Keebler’s crackers! Luckily, the crackers inside were stale, so I threw them out, cleaned the can, placed the rice inside, and VOILA - it sits nicely on top of my fridge.

I made do and saved $20, reused what would have been trash, and reduced on the use of plastic.

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