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My Kitchen Refresh

I have been living in my rental for some time now, and I have done different organizational projects in my kitchen to maximize a 7 foot wall. Here are pictures of my kitchen project because I am sooooo happy about how it turned out. There were more racks, but I gave two away before taking the"BEFORE" photos of this project.

The first photo, care of The Container Store's website, was my inspiration!

I decided to go with The Container Store's Elfa system because they design for FREE with no obligation, and it is super flexible if I needed to move shelves around, or wanted to add to the system later. It's apartment rental friendly because the only hardware that gets drilled into the wall is the top track that runs across at the top of the wall (photo #6 in gallery above). If I move, I am able to take it with me, and The Container Store can redesign it for the new space! Even the super of my building came to help me because he was fascinated that only the top track gets drilled in. He was impressed! Now, I am looking to revamp my Linen Closet and Office space soon!

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