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What You Can Work on Wednesday

Small organizing projects that only take 30 minutes to 2 hours.

A nice Spring refresh, and small project to tackle are Liners.

The flexibility of liners make it really easy to use. Placing liners on shelves or in drawers help cabinets and furniture last longer, make it easier to clean, and is easily replaceable if needed.

There are different kinds of Shelf & Drawer Liners available according to where they would be used: kitchen drawers, under the sink, dresser drawers, vanity drawers, desk drawers, fridge and freezer, closet shelves, and even drawers that hold tools.

Materials/Type. Since liners are needed for different spaces and jobs, they come in different materials like vinyl, cork, linen, natural weave, plastic, and cotton. They also come ribbed, flat, or with a grip bottom, and in a multitude of colors and prints.

Grip bottom liners. There is a great assortment available so you can get a nice printed one (like the one in photo above), or a solid color, whether it's in a dresser, kitchen, or tool drawer.

Scented or Unscented. These are made for closets and dresser drawers. Most scented/unscented liners are made of paper and come in sheets for you to cut to size. The scents can run from cedar (to prevent moths) to lavender.

Other Features: Adhesive, non-adhesive, and readjustable liners are available for all your uses throughout the home.

Quick Recommendations:

  • Do not buy adhesive liners. They take longer to remove if at all, may still leave an adhesive film behind, and will most likely lead to layers of liners.

  • Use different kind of liners for the needs of the specific space.

  • "Lo barato te sale caro" - it's a saying I grew up with that means cheap items become expensive. I am not saying you need to pay a lot for them, but not all shelf liners are made the same.


  • Clean on a regular basis.

  • Regularly vacuum the lined shelf or drawer.

  • Do a quick wipe and vac in the kitchen, or wherever there is a spill (food, oils, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.)

  • Replace as needed. The good news is if you need to replace a shelf or drawer liner, it can be done easily.

My Recommendations:

  • Foam liners: Great for shelves and drawers holding cosmetics, tools, or fragile items.

  • Fabric and paper liners: Perfect for shelves and drawers holding clothing and delicates.

  • Heavy duty plastic liners: Great for under sink, fridge shelves, or anywhere moisture and liquids will be prevalent.

  • Grip liners: These are useful for drawers you will place items loosely in, but need them to stay put.

  • Scented liners: Very nice for clothing drawers. Cedar scents protect clothing from moths.

  • Wire shelf liners: These liners are made specifically for wired shelving, or shelving units you may have. You can buy them directly from the makers of the wire shelves, but heavy duty plastic liners work also.

  • Eco-friendly liners: For those who are more eco-conscious (or would like to be), liners made of cork, bamboo, cotton, linen, or canvas are options.

  • You can find liners at Target, The Container Store, Home Depot, and your local hardware and houseware stores.

The following is a photo gallery of some of my faves.

Some Alternatives: wrapping paper, fabric, and flooring.

Now some may read this and ask, “Do I really need shelf and drawer liners?” The answer is NO you don’t NEED them, but adding liners protect drawers and shelves from any stains, spills, and any other damage that may occur from natural wear and tear. It’s easier and less expensive to wipe it clean, or replace a piece of liner, than have to live with rings, stains, damages that can not be fixed, or replacing furniture.

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