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NYC, Get Your Reusable Bags Ready!

NYC passed the single-use plastic bag ban on March 1, 2020 in order to reduce the impact it has on the environment. However, during the Covid-19 lockdown, the ban was suspended. On October 26, 2020, NYC will start enforcing the ban. So ALL those reusable bags need to be out and about!

FYI: Stores are allowed to charge 5 cents for each paper bag they give you.

Reusable bags became popular as a way to reduce the amount of plastic waste on Earth. However, with the amount of reusable bags I see in homes, I had to wonder, why are people still taking bags from stores?

The most popular answers have been:

  • "I keep forgetting to take one with me."

  • "I didn't plan to go shopping."

  • "They're being used as storage bags."

Make It Easy For Yourself

  1. Gather them up. Get all those reusable bags together to inspect their condition and clean them if necessary..

  2. Place reusable bags at different locations: on the doorknob, on hooks near your door, several in each car, and in each purse/backpack, etc.

  3. Walk around with one. I have one in my tote just in case I decide to buy last minute items.

  4. Plan your shopping. This way you don’t forget, and ensure you have the right bag(s) with you.

  5. If you’re using them as storage bags, look at how you can organize those items better (stackable drawers, bins, etc) so you can use those bags. Otherwise, you will have to buy more reusable bags, or pay the 5 cents for paper bags every time you shop.

Also consider these bags...

Produce Mesh Bags: Different sizes for the different fruits and vegetables are available. They’re washable and super convenient.

Shopping Cart Liner: You don’t need a reusable bag with this! The liners are great for large grocery shopping (don’t forget the produce mesh bags), or running errands. You place the items right in your cart, and the cover allows privacy and protection against rain or snow. I have used mine to go from the post office, to CVS, to the 99 cents store.

Share this with all your NYC friends, family and neighbors. This is a great, small project to tackle this weekend. Monday, October 26th is around the corner!

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