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Organize This First

This space is the FIRST place you, your family, friends, and guests step into. It’s what the neighbors see as they pass by while you’re entering your home (even more so at an apartment). What am I speaking of? THE ENTRY! Or the hallway, the foyer, the space right as you enter your home… whatever you want to call it, the entry is the space that can make a world of difference for you and your family. Plus let’s not forget it is also the first impression of the home. The individuals, their style, and lifestyle is reflected first in this location, no matter how big or small.

How is it greeting you? What is it saying? “Hello, welcome!” or “We are a mess, but we welcome you anyway.”, or perhaps, “Enter at your own risk!”


With Fall at my doorstep, (more like my stoop) I am so excited! Pumpkin flavor everything are in stores and on menus, retail companies are sending me emails with the fall clothing and colors I love, and I will be able to cozy up my apartment with fleece  blankets, flannel bedding, and faux fur oh my!

So let's get the Entry ready for all things Fall...

1. Declutter and clean.

Take the time to declutter your Entry. No sense in finding a way to organize something that will not be part of the entry or home. Dust, clean, and vacuum the area top to bottom. 

2. Analyze what you need.

An apt usually has one entrance, but a house will have multiple. Think about what the different needs are for the different entryways according to who enters it, how it is used, and what items tend to find a home there. Do you need a place for the mail, keys, coats, and umbrellas? Masks and sanitizers? Bags and shoes? Groceries?

3. Make a budget.

It is very easy to get carried away or feel overwhelmed from all the available choices. A budget will help reign that in. Maybe instead of a table, you get shelves. Or instead of a metal wall hook, buy a 3M Command hook. Do your homework and look at all your options before purchasing. Look around for any items in your home you could repurpose.

4. Get double duty organizing products and furniture.

A small table with a bottom shelf can hold shoes and bags on the bottom, while keys and mail are kept on top. Add a small tray that holds sanitizers and disinfectant sprays. A mirror with small hooks can hold each family members mask for easy grab and go. Double duty furniture can also help with your budget.

5. Put it all together.

You have done all the steps above, maybe went shopping, and received all your shipped items. Now for the other fun part! Go ahead and put it all together and have everyone in the home help. 

6. Maintain it Routinely maintain your Entry on an every-other-day, and weekly basis. Have each member of the family responsible for their items. 7. Update it As the household needs change, so should the Entry. Who knew that a day would come where we will need to have masks, gloves, and sanitizers at the ready? 


Last few tidbits

  • If you have been thinking about painting your Entry, now is a great time to get it done! This way, all the organizing and decor items for your Entry will be cohesive.

  • Don't forget to have fun with it - add a Fall color or two, hang that art piece you never knew where to place, or place a plant that has autumn colors to make your Entry feel cozy and welcoming.

Go ahead and share this email with someone who can use these tips for their Entry!

Organized by Catherine O organizes all areas of your home, maximizes your space and problem-solves time management and productivity challenges. We are based in New York City and serve the NYC-Metro area.


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