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Organizing Trends for 2022

2022 is around the corner and THESE are the organizing trends for the new year... just in time for your New Year's Organizing goals!

Multi Functional Spaces

  • Although it has been stated as a trend, it has always been the way we live here in NYC.

  • Multi functional spaces have increased due to open floor plans in homes, new homes & buildings construction that are smaller, and an increase of people having roommates in order to afford the rent.

  • It's important to space plan according to the space, its architectural features, what you own, and your lifestyle(s), in order to maximize a multi functional space.

  • TIP: Most Living Rooms will have TV & media in it. I suggest you start there. Where are the outlets? How many do you need? Which wall can fit it all? Than you can place everything else around it. Don't be afraid to NOT have furniture up against the wall.

Vertical Space

  • My #1 suggestion for NYC apartment dwellers, and now a trend, is to use the vertical space.

  • Less on the floor and more on the wall. And if you have high ceilings, even better.

  • Wall-based systems, like The Container Store's Elfa, allows you to maximize every inch of a wall and closets.

  • Example: Going back to the living room, using the entire wall as your Media Wall, allows the TV, game consoles (and accessories), cable, books, photos, art etc. live on the wall instead of spreading them out with extra furniture pieces you do not have room for.

WFH: Work From Home

  • Now that more people are working from home, an organized work area is necessary for productivity and sanity.

  • See how you can move around some furniture to make room for a desk, or purchase that coffee table with a lift top.

  • Referencing back to the use of Vertical Space, this is a perfect example where a wall width as small as 24 inches can become a small office with a desk and shelves above.

  • TIP: Look at different spaces or rooms in your home/apt that can become your WFH/Office space: a corner in your bedroom or living room, a nook in the kitchen, your hallway or entry, attic, basement or even the guest bedroom.

Natural Elements

  • As more and more of us recognize the waste in plastic and non-biodegradable items, the shift to natural elements have become a trend that is here to stay.

  • Natural elements also add to a peaceful, clean, and zen environment in a home. Especially for those of us who WFH.

  • TIP: Go through your home and see what you already have that are natural elements and use, even repurpose, them.


  • Once upon a time.... okay I won't go there, but you already know what I'm going to say... we didn't have or need all this STUFF not too long ago.

  • Declutter and minimize the amount of items you own. Part of the decluttering process requires all like items to be categorized and compiled together. This allows you to see how many of the same items you own, and then decide which ones to donate or pitch.

  • Curate your home. Be selective and only pull items together that you LOVE and support what you envision for your home, or space.

Social Media Worthy Makeovers

  • Creating a makeover of any space that is considered worthy of all your social media platforms for that HGTV "OMG!" moment.

  • Great idea to use this as a reference if you host often.

  • TIP: Make it an HGTV moment for yourself! Why does the rest of the world need to see or approve it? Unless they paid for it... just sayin'.

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