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Quick & Easy Spring Cleaning: Part 1

When Spring arrives, I plan two things: seasonal closet change-out, and deep cleaning. However, considering how much cleaning the Covid-19 pandemic has had us doing for the past year, I thought some quick and easy tidying & cleaning was more applicable.

Let's start with the Entry since it is the smallest space in your home with almost as much traffic as the kitchen.

  • Go through mail and anything dropped by the door.

  • Place items in their home: handbags, backpacks, shoes, jewelry, groceries, online purchases, etc.

  • If you have furniture with drawers, go through the drawers and clean it out.

  • If you have a bench, remove excess items and place in its home..

  • Dust and clean any furniture, light fixtures, front door (front & back), hooks, knobs, and the rest.

The Kitchen

  • Quickly go through the fridge and clean out what you know can be tossed.

  • Clean & place all the food containers, glassware, dishes, pots, pans, and utensils where they belong. Clean the dish rack & sink.

  • If you have a dishwasher, clean & empty out the dishes, etc and give your dishwasher a clean cycle to clean itself.

  • Clear countertops from excess items & clean.

  • Clean any small appliances that you see.

  • Place any used dish towels & rags into the hamper, and replace with new ones.

The Bathroom

  • Go through the medicine cabinet, under sink, and over-the-toilet storage for items to pitch or place in its home.

  • Clean front of medicine cabinet.

  • Clean sink & fixtures.

  • Clean toilet.

  • Replace towels.

  • Remove any excess items from tub area, then clean tub & fixtures.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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