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The Crisp Air of Fall is Here!

Last week it was 80 degrees in NYC, but this week the Fall season reclaimed its time. Now we need to transform our home for the cold crisp air that has landed.


Start with cozying up the Living Room with blankets made of knits, velvet, faux fur, chenille, sherpa, or a combination. Don't forget the pillows on the sofa or chair, and the window coverings. The same fabrics apply, but also look at autumn colors, different shaped pillows, plaid prints, jacquards and other textures that welcomes the fall season, and nods at winter. If you already have autumn/winter pillow covers, blankets, etc. tucked away in a closet, get them out and look at their condition. Make sure you do a load of laundry not only of the autumn/winter accessories you are about to use, but also of the summer items you will return to the closet. Adding a shag rug, or any type of rug with a soft texture, can be another way to add coziness.

TIP: Using a bin or basket to place these items together makes it easier to store and switch out when the season comes. You can also take a wide ribbon to tie the pillow covers and blankets together. Tie it lengthwise then crosswise.

Everyone I know has, and keeps purchasing, tons of candles. Look over those spring/summer scents and if they're halfway used, save them for next spring/summer. Otherwise, remove the label and small amount of wax, then reuse the jar as a catchall, pen cup, or as a small Holiday gift box.

TIP from Fill the almost empty candle with hot water and soap. Let sit for 10-15 minutes. Wash it out and reuse the jar.

Go to for candles and wax tarts made of coconut or soy. Follow them on IG @shopnirvanaliving for more tips on all things candles.


Same rules apply when it comes to the bedroom fabrics, colors, and prints, except make sure all fabrics and pillows for the bedding are super soft and cozy. If you don't already, having proper window coverings can make a difference in keeping the room toasty, you can adjust the amount of light entering the room, and it will make it feel even more cozy. Can you tell I'm all about the cozy? LOL

A rug for when you step out of bed will allow you to actually get up and start your day, versus sticking your leg back in the bed and possibly falling back asleep and being late.

TIP: The right mattress and mattress cover will keep you warm or cool in bed, according to your needs.


In the bathroom it is all about the softness and colors of the towels and bath rug. If you tend to have plants in the bathroom, switch them to fall foliage, or for a plant that has fall colors. If you like to light a candle or two in your bathroom, pick scents with pumpkin, cinnamon, butterscotch, or the fresh smell of trees after a rainy day... yes they have those!

TIP: Have all your towels together on a shelf grouping sets together. Go through all your towels and see if any need to be replaced. You can donate old towels to Veterinarian Hospitals or pet shelters. Or you can use them as cleaning rags.

OVERALL TIP: This is a good time to review each section of your home as you cozy it up, to see what needs replacing, what will become a donation or trash, and what you need more of. Clean thoroughly and you will only need to maintain cleanliness until the Spring.

Stay tuned for Part 2 & 3, giving you tips and suggestions for your Kitchen and Closets.

All links above are items that I like from Marshall's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Home Depot. I do not receive any incentives from it.

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