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Travel Right, Travel Light

How to travel light.

Between personal and business obligations, hurricanes, and Covid, I haven’t travelled outside of the U.S. since January of 2017. Although I am still not in a rush to travel due to Covid, I am soooooo ready to ring in 2022 and scratch my travel itch! Usually, I am not a huge packer because I like to make space for a piece of art I know I will purchase wherever I go, but I do use the large (about 30”) suitcase. However, as I think about traveling in 2022, I want to keep it light.

So here is the packing light plan (some of this I already do):

Use a packing system. I bought a great packing system from about 10 years ago, that I use even if it’s for a weekend to the next state over. Unfortunately, flight001 have gone out of business, but Eagle Creek, and other companies, have similar packing systems that help you control the amount you’re packing… because if you can’t zip it, then you’re packing too much, LOL. Look for packing systems that are durable, wipable, have some mesh, and have a numbered or color system.

FYI: On one trip, I noticed my luggage liner was cut on the inside of my luggage piece, and I believe the packing system foiled someone at one of the airports from stealing anything.

Use the smaller luggage piece. If you can pack everything in a carry-on, go for it! I think I’ll need the next size up. Before using, or purchasing, a smaller luggage piece make sure it’s the right one for the kind of trip you’re taking. Are you trekking, going city-to-city, layback beachside, visiting family? No matter what you will be doing, ensure it is lightweight, has wheels, the capacity to hold everything you need, and has the correct dimensions for international travel if it’s going to be a carry-on. Don’t forget to take a lightweight and foldable tote bag or backpack. They’re great for days of walking around or excursions.

TIP: Check the airline you're traveling with for international flight rules on luggage dimensions, weight capacities, what bags have to be checked, and fees.

Buy a luggage scale. It will keep you light. And if you’re like me knowing you are going to make purchases on your trip, you want to go under the weight capacity.

No books. I like to carry a book, but lighter means no books for me. There are options with kindle, audible, podcasts, etc. A tablet is a good option to take with you as well.

Go natural. Yes, let your hair be its natural self so you don’t have to pack so many hair products. Hair dryers, curling irons, too many bottles of hair products just do not have a place when packing light. Lighten up on the cosmetics too. I don’t wear makeup, but if you do, pick 5 items that gives you the photo glow.

Fold or roll? The ever famous debate among us Professional Organizers, and travelers alike.

I say do whichever one works for you. My best friend likes to roll, but I like to fold.

Pack not only for where you’re going but for what you will be doing. When it’s almost time to take our trip we start looking at the weather to figure out what we’re taking with us. That makes sense, but don’t forget about what you will be doing. An adventure trip has different needs than a chillin’ by the pool and enjoying the nightlife kind of trip.

Remember, they sell toiletries over there too. Remember that you may be able to find and purchase toiletries at your destination. If you’re staying at a hotel, you can ask the front desk. If you’re staying at an AirBnB, or VRBO, ask the host for nearby stores, etc. in case you need to purchase items.

Contact me here to help you with your travel packing and organization.

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