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What You Can Work On Wednesday

Small organizing projects that only take 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

When thinking of organizing a closet, everyone thinks about the basics of the inside of their closet: hanging rods, shelves, drawers, hooks, space for shoes, etc. One of the most under utilized locations for maximization of space is the CLOSET DOOR... or any door for that matter!

There are plenty of over-the-door products for organizing clothing, shoes, jewelry and household items. Think more about MAXIMIZING the space on the door by asking the questions: Which door do I need to maximize? What am I placing on it? Is it a linen closet door that needs more space for an iron, ironing board, and cleaning products? A pantry door to place the most frequently used items on? Or perhaps, the entry closet door in your apartment that must do the duty of a mudroom? Fortunately, there’s a solution for all of it and more!

Here are a few of my faves and some tips:

OTD drying rack Target

Although these are drying racks, it can also be used to hang kids, or your own, painting projects that need to dry, or hang pieces of your latest sewing project. This allows to free up table top space.

OTD organizer and hamper Umbra The Container Store

This OTD organizer from Umbra is great because you organize different items and have a hamper that uses minimal space. Not only can you use it as shown on The Container Store's website, but also:

  • for kids toys

  • gift wrapping items

  • on the bathroom door for toiletries, towels, and extra toilet paper

  • college students can place this on one side of their high-off-the-floor bed, or bunk beds to organize their personal items or food & snacks

  • on the entry closet door to organize hats, umbrellas, reusable bags, dog walking items, etc.

OTD organizer with small clear pockets and shelf The Container Store

This OTD organizer's clear pockets and top shelf makes it even more useful for smaller items. Great for:

  • kids & teens items or toys

  • arts & craft, sewing, and knitting organization

  • as shown for shoes & accessories

colorful OTD organizer Target

Now this fun & colorful organizer(different colors available) I love because it's perfect for grab-and-go items and it's only $18!

This would be a great addition to

  • your entry closet door

  • kids closet door

  • and even the panty door for snacks

I recently wrote about my Kitchen Refresh and there is another product from The Container Store I plan to buy soon for my Linen Closet door: the Elfa Over-the-Door racks which can be used for a multitude of organizational needs. Here is a gallery of my favorite uses for them, but evaluate what your needs are to decide which is the best solution for you.

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