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Spring Organizing Has Begun!

TBT Project photos:

Kelsey* is a client that has a studio apartment that needed help with organization because she only has 2 small closets. She has an Entry closet that must hold almost EVERYTHING! This includes her aesthetician tools and products, wardrobe, Holiday decor, handbags, folding chairs, luggage, etc. There is a second closet she uses for her linens, personal hygiene products and footwear, and a drawer in a dresser that holds her cosmetics.

After measuring drawers, closets and shelves, going through the closet, and speaking with Kelsey* about her needs and priorities, I made a plan. For her Entry closet, one side of her closet was going to be for her wardrobe, and the other for everything else; shelves will hold Holiday items, and luggage, and her aesthetician items will be stacked on the floor, on the other side of the closet.

The 2nd closet was a mix of footwear, linens, and personal hygiene products. Kelsey* went through her linens and personal hygiene products while I organized her footwear. When she was done, I used bins to categorize her personal hygiene products, which tidied up the shelves and created more space. I placed linens on the top shelf above the footwear, and left the large quilts and blankets on the very top shelf.

Here are a few Before and After photos of her closet.

Take aways:

  • Using the same hanger, especially in white, makes clothing instantly organized.

  • When there is too much height between shelves, stacking shoe bins or boxes maximizes the space so you can fit more items in the space.

  • Using plastic bins to place items of the same category will give you more space on shelves, make it easier to get what you need and place it back, stops wasting your time looking for items, and stops you from wasting money buying more of what you already own because you can see what you have.

  • Using liners in drawers with the right cosmetic organizers for your needs will transform your vanity!

Contact me today to help you with your project, or to make a DIY plan.

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