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7 Steps to a Thanksgiving-Ready Bathroom

Whether you live in an apartment with one bathroom, or a home with multiple bathrooms, it will have to be ready for guests. Here are the 5 steps to complete this guest ready bathroom.

  1. Clean and disinfect. Clean all shelves, under sink, medicine cabinet, walls, corners, EVERYTHING from top to bottom.

  2. Clean out all the "stuff". We know it happens, people look through our medicine cabinet, under sink and shower/tub area. Take this time to clean out never-used or almost-empty items. Use your under sink for items you're not currently using, and only keep in the shower/tub area items you are using. Keep your medicine cabinet clean and simple.

  3. New towels, cheap towels. Place new towels for guests to use, but who says they have to be the best towels for all those grimy hands? LOL This is entirely up to you. I have family who do it up with new towels to match the season; I have family that provide paper guest towels; and then there are those who go to the neighborhood everything store and get super inexpensive hand towels and stack them in the guest bathroom.

  4. Remove all rugs from the bathroom floor. Those rugs will be filthy by the end of the night so just remove them.

  5. Have extra supplies in arm's reach. Nothing is worse than being in someone else's home and the toilet paper runs out... YIKES! Have extra hand soap, hand towels, sanitizer, and room spray.

TIP: Do the deep clean a week before, and you can get the other steps done throughout the week. Also, hand this off to a member in your household! One less task for you to tackle.

Contact me here to help you with your Thanksgiving prep and organization.

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