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3 Words: Thanksgiving Is Coming!!

Now that Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is on the mind and nearing in just a few weeks. Last year, although thankful, was not the Thanksgiving we wanted. So let’s organize how Thanksgiving will work for us this year.

Vaxxed or Not Vaxxed? That is the Question. This is an individual choice when it comes to who you invite into your home. Let’s be respectful by informing vaxxed guests if your guest list will include a mixed bag, or all vaxxed so they can make a decision for themselves.

Potluck or the Host(ess) with the Most(est).

I have never had to host a Thanksgiving, but most people in my family prefer to do everything themselves for a few reasons:

  1. Not everyone knows how to cook.

  2. They don’t want guests to wait for a dish.

  3. They want the first guest and the last guest that arrive to have the same choices.

  4. They thrive on being a host/hostess.

  5. They need to be in control, LOL.

A potluck is great because:

  1. The Host(ess) won’t have to do it all themselves.

  2. You can have friends and family make their specialty dish.

  3. Guests always want to help, so why not let them take part.

  4. Less for you to do, especially if you're a host(ess) that plans activities as well.

  5. You can still control what dishes, desserts, etc will make it to your table, LOL.

Should I Make it a Tree Trimming Party?

Why not? Many people put up and decorate their tree the day after , or weekend of Thanksgiving.The key is to organize and prepare for it. That means dig out your Holiday items, review what will be used, what will be placed to the side (in case there aren’t enough from guests), and inform guests a week or two before Thanksgiving especially if your tree will have a theme.

Organize & Prep

  • Have sanitizers and masks available.

  • Go through all your pots, pans, platters, serveware, etc, you plan to use to check their condition. Make a list of your needs if any, or borrow from a family member if it is an item you don’t need on a regular basis.

  • Mark your calendar: grocery shopping day, cleaning day, outfit shopping day ;-)

  • Set your table, bar, dessert station, etc. a day or two before.

  • Deep clean all bathrooms and the kitchen.

Contact me here to help you with your Thanksgiving prep and organization.

Organized by Catherine O organizes all areas of your home, maximizes your space, and problem-solves time management and productivity challenges. We are based in New York City and serve the NYC-Metro area.

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