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Are You Summer Ready? Swim and Summer Clothing

Memorial Weekend is here, but did you prepare your summer wardrobe and swimwear?

NO?! Then let's get it done....

Remove all your summer clothing and place on your bed categorized: T's, shorts, pants, dresses & jumpsuits, skirts, tops, cami's, activewear, sweats, sweaters, swim, swim accessories, etc.

Hang all your hangables: skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, pants, outerwear, and sweaters.

Fold all the foldables: T's, shorts, tops, shirts, cami's, tanks, activewear, etc.

Spread all your footwear on the floor categorized: sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, heels, flats, slip-on, flip flops, sneakers, boots, etc.

Place all your boots and anything from the Fall & Winter away in your closet; preferably on the top shelf.

Place the summer footwear you will wear most often where you can see & grab.

Place the rest by category.

Look over, try on, and edit all your swimwear. If it's damaged, or does not fit you well, pitch and make notes of what you need to replace them, if at all.

Wash all your swim as per direction. If you're not sure, hand wash in a mild detergent like Woolite.

Review the rest of your swim and summer gear: swim shoes, towels, beach bag, coolers, suntan products, etc. Check expiration dates of suntan products and replace as necessary. Clean and disinfect your cooler. Give your beach towels a laundry cycle as well.

I declare you SUMMER READY!!!

Be safe and have fun!

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