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Summer Deep Cleaning

We have all been cleaning and sanitizing our homes due to Covid-19, however, deep cleaning those areas that are not obvious to the eye, or difficult to get to, is where we can commit a few hours for a day or two. I always make a plan of which room I will clean when, with a timeframe, and a playlist ready to go because who wants to clean ALL DAY?

  • You want to go through each room & make a list: behind furniture and large appliances, any vents, ceiling, corners, light fixtures, AC units and filters, top of any tall furniture, and all nooks and crannies.

  • Enlist the rest of your household to a room, or specific tasks on your list.

  • From top to bottom, tackle the list.

Let's start with the Entry since it is the smallest space in your home with almost as much traffic as the kitchen.

  • Go through mail and anything dropped by the door.

  • Place items in their home: handbags, backpacks, shoes, jewelry, groceries, online purchases, etc.

The Kitchen

  • Quickly go through the fridge and clean out what you know can be tossed.

  • Clean & place all the food containers, glassware, dishes, pots, pans, and utensils where they belong. Clean the dish rack & sink.

  • If you have a dishwasher, clean & empty.

  • Clean above upper cabinets.

The Bathroom

  • Go through the medicine cabinet, under sink, and over-the-toilet storage for items to pitch or place in its home.

  • Clean the medicine cabinet.

  • Clean sink & fixtures.

  • Clean toilet.

  • Replace towels.

  • Remove any excess items from tub area, then clean tub & fixtures.

The Bedroom

  • Clean from ceiling to floor, don't forget corners, ceiling lights and fans.

  • Clean the mattress by spraying a mixture of vinegar, an essential oil, and baking soda, let dry, then vac it off.

  • Do the laundry.

  • Use a room spray when done.

The Living Room/Dining Area

  • Go through the TV area and place items where they belong before cleaning the entire area.

  • Clean off each area in the living room, from top to bottom. Use furniture cleaners & polish where needed.

  • Clean off dining area and place a vase with flowers.

Overall Deep Cleaning

  • Launder those seasonal items, or take to the cleaners.

  • Clean those vents and replace filters, especially air conditioning units.

  • Move furniture to clean behind and under it.

  • If you have baseboards, or moulding on walls, clean it thoroughly. TIP: After cleaning baseboards and moulding, wipe it with fabric softener sheets. It repels dust, and makes it easier for next time.

  • Get all the cleaning tools ready before you begin, including ladders.

  • This is the time to clean windows. If you live in an apartment building, ask your super or landlord how to remove the windows... I still don't know how, LOL.

  • Clean everything you don't regularly clean that way you don't have to take it on for another 6 months.

Contact me here to help you with your next organization project.

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