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Minimalist & Maximalist Organization

Yes, you can be a Minimalist, a Maximalist, or a combination of both and still be organized

According to, Minimalism “has the characteristic of extreme spareness and simplicity.” With a Minimalist style, you will automatically appear organized because of the lack of furniture, decorative items, clothing, etc.

However, someone can still be unorganized in a Minimalist home if items look like they are haphazardly placed, and not in its home. I consider myself a minimalist of sorts. I have just the right amount of clothing, furniture, food, etc. that I need and use in my space. If I don’t have the room, the need, the time, or the love for something, I minimize by NOT having it in my life. So yeah, I’m a Minimalist.

For those of you who are considering to be Minimalists, don’t get so caught up with the different definitions, do’s & don’ts, and ‘rules’ of Minimalism just for the sake of it. Start slow, and really decide how and what Minimalism means to you and what your goals are. Create your own definition of Minimalism. You know who you are, how you are and why you are - adjust accordingly.

I LOVE my collection of art and books, but I’m not purchasing any unless I have a plan or space for it. Which leads me into…. Maximalism!

When most people see a Maximalist space, or hear the word maximalism, they don’t necessarily associate it with being organized. Your decor style has nothing to do with being organized. Organization is about a system for items in that specific space, and for the lifestyle of the people in the space.

So let’s get into the Maximalist decor style. According to an online article on My Domain, a maximalist decor style is all about a “more-is-more approach” and “mixing styles with color patterns and textures”. In my opinion, the most important and endearing quality of a Maximalist is being able to see and feel who lives in the space through colors, textures, patterns, lamps, rugs, framed photos and art, sofas and everything else the person chooses to own and display.

Robert Michael, from RM Designs 646 states, "The key to my style is lots of things, but heavily curated... edited with very specific placement. Nothing is random."

Tips for Minimalist organization:

  1. Consider a capsule wardrobe. The less clothing you have to hang, fold, put away, and launder, the less money you will spend on a wardrobe, and the less time you need to maintain its organization.

  2. Make sure you need it. Only purchase what you need whether it is clothing or food - don't be wasteful.

  3. Have quality and eco friendly double-duty items. Think stone, wood, metals, natural fabrics, and eco friendly materials. Good quality furniture and large household that can be used in multiple ways, or perform multiple jobs, will minimize the amount of items needed.

Tips for Maximalist organization:

  1. Review your wardrobe to check if it still fits, is in good condition, and you still love it.

  2. More IS more. Use decorative items for storage. Take similar items and make them a collection. Repurpose pieces for a different use.

  3. Refresh and recycle. Take the time to review all your decorative items, fabrics, books, photos and art. Does it need fixing, a new frame, a new home? Do you still want/need it?

Maximalist photos with permission, and care of, RM Designs 646. Follow him @rmdesigns646

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