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Happy Holiday Decluttering!

It's time to declutter all the Holiday decorations & trimmings!

Traditionally, the Christmas Tree is up before Thanksgiving, or shortly after. Either way, it’s a perfect time to declutter the tree and all its trimmings.



  • What will be your Holiday theme, style and colors?

  • Does what you own match your Holiday theme?

  • When are you going to bring it all out in order to go through it?

  • How much time will this take?

  • How much time are you willing to dedicate to decorating?

  • Where are you going to place the tree?

  • Where are you going to place the rest of the decorations?

  • Will you need to buy any new trimmings, decoration, or Holiday storage? If yes, when?

  • Now set a date and time. Get the rest of the family involved.

CATEGORIZE: once you decide the day you will put up your tree and decorations, categorize all the items.

  • stockings

  • garlands

  • string lights

  • ornaments

  • by color

  • by size

  • by character (Nutcracker, Santa, etc)

  • heirlooms/handmade

  • wrapping

  • ribbon

  • Holiday table settings and host items


  • Throw out any items that are broken, no longer useful, or the family doesn’t like.

  • Go through each category, edit any large quantities, and pick what you like. You will only be left with items that can be donated, or pitched.

  • Consolidate all things wrapping, especially if you are going with a theme. If they do not match the theme, pitch it.


  • While we are still in the middle of a pandemic with Covid, I recommend not to donate anything.

  • If your building, neighborhood, or town, has a decorates for the Holidays, ask if they would accept your donations.

  • Just like clothing, if you didn’t use it last year (pre-Covid), you will not be using it this year so donate or discard it.

  • Discard anything broken.

  • Pitch scraps of wrapping paper, old cards that have yellowed, and any gift boxes or gift bags that look used.



In the beginning of November, I went through all my cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, gift boxes. I was able to place the items I no longer wanted in the common area of my building. It was gone within the hour!

On Sunday, November 29th, I will bring out all my Christmas items and do exactly what I suggest for you to do in this post. Monday, the 30th, it will all go up!


Go ahead and forward this email to someone you think can use the tips or will enjoy reading this!

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