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Holiday Stress? Stress No More.

I show and talk about how being organized helps make things easier in the long run, and that includes the Holidays! This post is particularly for individuals who get stressed during the Holidays, but great for anyone who may have some stress during certain aspects of the Holiday season.


Why do you get stressed?

There are many reasons on why people get stressed during the Holidays, but here are the top reasons, and some ways you can minimize the stress.

Your’e overwhelming yourself. When you think about everything that you want to get done for the Holidays, you end up overwhelming yourself. Make lists, break down when you will get them done, and assign due dates. Don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Being a perfectionist takes the fun out of what you are doing and the season. I know being in this pandemic has made people feel more stressed not being around loved ones, but have the perspective that you want your family around for the Holidays in 2021, and 2022, and 2023, and years to come.

You’re doing too much. Cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, hosting, card writing and mailing, gift shopping, wrapping, decorating… OMG I’m exhausted already! You know the saying: “less is more”. Minimize and decide what you are going to do, and when. Recruit the family in your home to help because you will not be having large gatherings anyway. The Covid pandemic makes this Holiday season the year to learn to do with less and realize it will be fine.

You’re spending too much money. Spending money on decorations, gifts, and food can have you spend more money that what you thought, so have a budget and stick with it. Now that we are having a Stay-at-Home-Holiday, you will easily have a lean budget. No need to shop 'til you drop. Or in this case, no need to shop until your wrist hurts, LOL. Just get a gift or two for those in your household, if at all. You won’t need to cook for large gathering so that will bring down the cost of groceries also. As far as I’m concerned, who says you have to cook? Get everyone’s favorite delivered.


Other ways to beat stress

  • If you have an exercise routine, stick with it. If you do not, take a walk outside, while the sun is still out, as often as you can.

  • Don’t forget to laugh. Don’t take it all so seriously - have fun! Watch a comedy movie or special, and play games with the family.

  • Remove tech from the day, try several days: no phones, no computers. If you plan to FaceTime or Zoom for the Holidays choose no more than 3 people and schedule it.

  • Make your own customs for the Holidays. Remove old customs that take more time, or other family members don’t want to partake in.

  • Play music and dance.


Catherine’s Note

In the end, I would like everyone to keep in front of mind, that with the pandemic still going on, what is REALLY important is family, love, and health… it’s not stuff!

Forward this to anyone you know that could use some de-stressing during the Holiday season. Then subscribe to my blog here for more organizing tips. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram #OrgByCatO


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