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Holiday Prep: The Pantry

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and you have eaten more leftovers than you care to say. The pantry can use a refresh before you start cooking for the next Holiday. Let's revisit the Pantry again to identify and categorically list all the items needed to make it easier when grocery shopping.

  • Go through any specialty or specific "Holiday" food you bought for Thanksgiving, but did not use. Can you, or will you, use it for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? After the new year?

  • Have all your “Holiday” food/recipes together so you don't have to go looking for it when you need it. For instance, I make a Rice Pudding every year for Christmas. I place all the ingredients together on the left corner of the 3rd shelf in my kitchen cabinets. I will inspect them next week to see if there is anything that expired, and needs restocking.

  • Go through the rest of your categories and reorganize it as needed.

  • Take notes throughout the process. This will be a quick 1-2 hour project, depending on the size fo your pantry.


Here are Organizing items that will help get your pantry refreshed:

A can dispenser is a great way to have all your canned goods together while maximizing the space it's kept on. There are other styles you can choose from that will depend on size of the space dedicated to canned goods, and quantity of canned goods you tend to have on hand. The item pictured is sold at Target and they sell it in sets as well.

Bins, especially clear bins, allows you to corral groups of food together. During the Holidays, corral specific foods, recipes, and supplies like plates, utensils, and napkins together. Pictured here are mDesign food storage bins sold at Target.

Get all your spices, regardless of size, onto this expandable, tiered shelf. The item pictured is from Youcopia, sold at Target. They also have a version for canned food.

Last, but not least, the lazy susan pictured is by Youcopia (also sold at Target) is brilliant. First, they call it the "Crazy Susan" so how can you resist? Second, this turntable is divided into 3 bins that are removable!! I know this post is about the pantry, but this can also organize kids arts and crafts, or your own if you're artsy & crafty... 'tis the season!

**All items mentioned, or linked, are items that I like and/or personally use. I have not been asked, or get paid, to promote their merchandise. You can also google the items in this post for other retailers.**


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