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How I survived Apt Quarantine

There are things I did that helped me keep sane during the time of "Staying in Place" and continue to help me today. I do want to preface this by stating a few facts: One, as much as I like to be out and about in NYC, I also LOVE being home. Two, I am an only child, so I learned early on how to entertain myself. Lastly, IT’S A PANDEMIC!!! Why would I be careless, inconsiderate, and selfish in a time like this?! Sorry for yelling. Ok moving on…

Here was my scenario: I live in an apartment that gets zero sunlight, my windows face the alley and another building. I hear all the noise my neighbors, the super, and the porter make; I live by an elevated train; the suds from the laundry room in the basement comes up in my tub (and sometimes the kitchen sink); and all the neighbors and kids that were once out at work or school were home dragging furniture around, doing jumping jacks, bouncing balls, running back and forth, and who knows what else, for hours at a time.


  1. I slept - my schedule was whatever I made it

  2. I played music with every activity - cleaning, cooking, even while bathing

  3. I planned my meals and snacks - and yet I still gained the 19 pounds

  4. I club hopped on Instagram - from great DJ's all over the country

In the end, we have to make A LOT of lemonade out of these lemons!

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