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Sanitize Sunday - Sanitization Station

It's Sunday, Not a Funday... lol

But seriously, Sunday is a good day to take the time to clean and sanitize your "sanitization station" and your home. Although, we should be cleaning and sanitizing regularly, I have a suspicion not everyone is.


If you have a sanitization station:

  1. Go through your masks. Launder or replace cloth masks; pitch and replace the paper masks.

  2. Refill your sanitizers, including the travel size you and your household are walking around with.

  3. Clean & disinfect the area because everyone has been touching everything

  4. Check your disinfectant spray to see if you're running low, and place on your grocery list. TIP: Add a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol when you're out of disinfectant spray OR use it as your new DIY disinfectant.


If you do NOT have a sanitization station:

  1. Pick the best location, nearest to the entrance.

  2. Find a small tray you're going to place the items on. TIP: I happened to get rid of a box of shoes, so I kept the lid to use as a tray.

  3. Make sure there is a disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, a mask for each person in the household, and gloves. Place any extras and refills in the drawer if you're using a table, or in a small bin in the entry closet.

  4. Go through it weekly for replacement and refill needs.


Make It a Routine

  • Clean and disinfect on a regular basis.

  • The items touched the most are to be done daily: door knobs, light switches, remote controls, phones, handles, etc.

  • Deep clean each room weekly. Delegate rooms to other people in the household. If alone, you could still do it all in a morning, or break it up into Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  • Once you make it a routine, it gets easier because there won't be as much dirt to clean!

A memory: Every Saturday, my Mom would wake up at her usual 6a.m., to have her coffee and have a moment for herself. By 9am, my Dad and I had to be awake to help her clean the apartment. I had to clean up my room, my Dad cleaned the Living Room (except for vacuuming because my Mom didn't think he was thorough enough), and the last person to take a shower, had to clean the tub. We were done by 11am... plenty of time to go out and visit my Grandparents.

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