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How to Organize Your Tchotchkes... I Mean Your Collections

This article is to further help you transform your tchotchkes into a collection, and tips on managing your current collection.

Here are different ways to organize:

Display on shelves, walls, and in bookcases. This is the easiest way to display your items since we all have these in our homes. Depending on quantity and size of your items, you may need to clear off an entire shelf or wall.

Use boxes with compartment, or display cases. Boxes with compartments can vary according to what you are placing inside them and are best to use with smaller items like coins, small jewelry, and stones. There are display cases for dolls, baseballs, and even cereal boxes. Memorabilia places, and craft and hobby stores like Michael’s carry all kinds of boxes and cases. You are also able to find them at Walmart and The Container Store.

Display in frames. Coins, comic books, Broadway Playbills, signed photos from famous people, and anything else that is thin enough to fit in a frame can be displayed and appreciated when placed together. I always buy frames at Ikea, or discounted stores like Marshall's and Home Goods.

TIP: Use the same frame for uniformity, even if they are different sizes.

Use shadow boxes. Shadow boxes are perfect for items that are more dimensional and need more depth of space. Collections of butterflies, flowers, seashells, Hot Wheels, rocks, figurines, bottle caps, etc. Shadow boxes are also great for themed collections like military items or memorabilia, a collection from a trip, or items inherited from a loved one.

You may need customization. The one element to also consider is customizing the kind of display cases, boxes, shelves, and frames needed for your collection based on the size and quantity of that collection. Craft and hobby stores, and Etsy have different sellers and options for you to choose from.

Catherine's Tip: No matter what collection you have, and how you choose to display them, review and edit your collection on a regular basis. Always plan ahead if you are going to expand your collection: Do you have room for more? Will you need to move it to another location? Will you need to make or buy more display items?

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