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Let's Organize Those Books!

I'm an avid reader so the thought of purging books is a no-no! However, I have given away my books from college YEARS ago, and a few cookbooks I didn't really use.

Here's how to organize your books:

  • By Author - This means you will organize them alphabetically. However, if you have a couple of favorite authors, they can take a shelf for themselves. Or display them stacked next to other authors that are standing upright.

  • By Genre - Fiction, Non-fiction, Autobiography, Self-help, Fashion, Interior Design, Mystery, etc. Within each genre, alphabetize them, or color block them*. You can even alphabetize the genre (Autobiography on shelf 1, Cookbooks on shelf 2, and so on), then the authors!

  • Color Code or Color Block - You can organize by color code ROYGBV: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet and interject Black & White in between, or on their own. You can color block by organizing the colors that are complimentary next to each other; opposite colors side by side; your favorite colors at eye level; or displaying them by color according to what can be viewed to match or compliment your decor... the options are endless!

Where & how to display them:

  • Standing upright, stacked, or a combination of both! On bookcases and shelves, you can intersperse artwork, photos, and flowers.

  • On shelves: floating shelves, bookcases, etc. There are a ton of options out there according to space, and personal aesthetics.

  • On the floor: Next to your favorite reading place.

  • On tables: Place favorites, or conversation starters.

  • In your kitchen: Who says only cookbooks need to be in the kitchen?

  • On your nightstand: It's always a good way to wind down.

  • In your bathroom? Wellll.... sometimes you're in there for a longer period of time than intended.

  • Children's room: I personally feel we need to make sure children have a book collection of our and their favorites.

  • Anywhere: On your entry table, on a chair, on shelves close to the ceiling going around a whole room, the possibilities are all up to you, your space, and reachability.

Here's a peek at a couple of my shelves!

Have fun with this next project! As you go through your books, you may find a few you want to get rid of. Go ahead and call your local library to see if they're able to take them, or ask a senior citizen center or assisted living location.

Organized by Catherine O organizes all areas of your home, maximizes your space, and problem-solves time management and productivity challenges. We are based in New York City and serve the NYC-Metro area.

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