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Quick & Easy Spring Cleaning: Part 2

When Spring arrives, I plan two things: seasonal closet change-out, and deep cleaning. However, considering how much cleaning the Covid-19 pandemic has had us doing for the past year, I thought some quick and easy tidying & cleaning was more applicable.

The Bedroom

  • Go through your nightstand. Get rid of items you do not need.

  • Place items in their home: handbags, backpacks, shoes, jewelry, laundry, hamper, etc.

  • If you have a dresser or chest of drawers, go through each drawer one by one.

  • Dust, vac, and clean furniture, light fixtures, knobs, and underbed.

The Living Room

  • Quickly go through and clean off all flat surfaces.

  • Go through, and pitch, any items you don't need or want inside cabinets and baskets.

  • Dust, vac and clean all furniture, flat surfaces, and floor.

The Home Office

  • Go through and clean off shelves and desktop.

  • Remove, pitch, file, or shred any items and papers you no longer need.

  • Go through desk drawer(s) and pitch garbage, and any unused items.

  • Clean desk and chair.

  • Untangle, clean, and redo your cable management as needed.

Kids' Room

  • Clean off all flat surfaces by placing items where they belong, or pitching them.

  • Skim through the closet for any items that can be pitched.

  • Skim inside all drawers, cubbies, boxes, and bins for any toys, books, clothes, etc that can be pitched.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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