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Sustainable Gift Wrapping

The last post was all about sustainable gifts, so it's only right that I give you sustainable wrapping tips for those gifts.

  1. Recyclable wrapping paper. There are companies out there that sell wrapping paper that are eco-friendly.

  2. Tissue paper. Whenever we buy tissue paper they only come in a pack so this makes great use of what you own, in whatever color you have.

  3. Kraft paper. It's naturally biodegradable and that is why this is a great choice. And you can use twine as your ribbon.

  4. Fabric. Fabric, or fabric scraps, are another good way to wrap gifts. Tie the ends to secure the package. There is also a Japanese art of wrapping called FUROSHIKI; originally used for wrapping and carrying goods. Here is a link to a tutorial from Marie Kondo.

  5. Use what you have

    1. saved wrapping paper scraps/leftover

    2. newspaper - tip: the less photos the better.

    3. cloth napkins

    4. maps

    5. pages of a book

    6. leftover boxes

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