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Thanksgiving is Coming??

This year, Thanksgiving will be different. I have to ask the question because if we do get together for Thanksgiving, we will not be getting together like yesteryear. However, we can still be thankful! Let's embrace it and make it our own!

I come from a big family since my Mom was one of thirteen, and my Dad one of six. When I tell people I was going to see my family for the Holidays, I really meant I was going to see my WHOLE FAMILY! As I have gotten older, and have lost my grandparents, and parents, things have changed but we all still get together in some way. While we are still under a pandemic, the question is: What are we going to do now?!

Truth be told, I am okay not having our usual get-togethers if it means no one in my family will get sick or die. Will it be weird? Yes. Will I cry about it? Probably. I am not going to let it get me down. In the grand scheme of things, the meaning of the Holidays does not go away or change because of a pandemic.


Here are ways to make it your own:

  1. Have a dinner only for those in your household. Why not have the whole family help in cooking the day's meal, dessert, preparing the table, and cleanup. Or make it a casual dinner. Can anyone say turkey burger? And who says you have to have a turkey? Just sayin'

  2. Have your own kind of fun. Get into whatever is your "thing". Every family has that thing that they love to do together, or only they share. Make this the time to do that. If not, then take the time to catch up with each other, watch shows together, play games, talk, dance, and even get dressed in matching outfits for pictures and selfies to send to your loved ones.

  3. No gift shopping or giving. I never understood the craziness of people leaving their loved ones to go shop on Thanksgiving!! You get better deals online anyway. It's nice to give gifts, but it is not an obligation. Considering everything we are cleaning and disinfecting, let's just keep it simple to ensure nothing will affect you, your family, or recipient of the gift. If you read this one thinking I'm crazy then read #4.

  4. Write your Holiday gift giving list. Family, friends, neighbors, mailman, teachers, etc. Write them all down. Don't forget to budget and then edit the list... and budget LOL

  5. Write your Christmas cards and mail by the end of the weekend. This is a great way to also update addresses, emails, etc. Or have the family make Christmas cards.

  6. Zoom in to someone else's Thanksgiving. Hey it beats hours of traveling, taking public transportation, traffic, and looking for parking. You might as well Zoom into a few!

  7. Decorate for the Holidays. Get started on the tree and all its trimmings.

  8. Don't do anything! Order food and enjoy each other's company.


Here is how I'm making it my own:

  1. I'm making a turkey and cranberry sauce for the first time. Actually, just a breast of turkey, but still a turkey!

  2. Sleep. I don't sleep enough so I plan to sleep most of the day and watch The Wizard of Oz. I still LOVE that movie!

  3. Netflix and Hulu. I have so many shows on my lists that I will definitely take the time to watch a bunch of shows and movies. I may fall asleep in between, but at least I will have something to talk about the next day.

  4. Get ready for the Holidays. Write my Christmas cards, make my gift giving list, and get my tree out (I won't do the trimmings until the weekend).

  5. C'mon guys. How much do you expect me to do?! That's it... LOL


Go ahead and forward this email to someone you think can use the tips or will enjoy reading this!

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