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What do I do with the Holiday gifts I don't want or like?

I might be a little late on this, but the question was asked and I figured you may also be sitting on some unwelcome gifts from this past Holiday. I always say the gift giver wants you to enjoy what they have given you. Nevertheless, it is YOUR gift, you can do WHATEVER you want with it! What?! No?

Here are some suggestions for those of you shaking your head about it.

  1. Appreciate it. Depending what it is, you could just appreciate it, especially if it is valuable. A special teapot can be displayed on a shelf in the kitchen; an art piece can hang in your entry.

  2. Exchange it. Hopefully there was a gift receipt, but even if there isn't, just go and exchange it for something you really want or need. Most retailers give you until mid-January, however, look at the retailers website for their exchange policy. You will most likely receive half of the value, which is still better than $0 if it just sits in your closet.

  3. Regift it. A birthday or anniversary or some other occasion will come up shortly - now you will have a gift for it! Just make sure you give to opposite groups: a family gift to a coworker; a coworkers gift to a neighbor or family member.

  4. Donate it. Donate it to a charity you support, or depending on the item, a charity that can use it.

  5. Give it away. We all have that neighbor, or family member, that loves receiving items we don't use. In my apartment building, tenants place items on a table in the lobby for anyone to take.

  6. Make it a prize for game night. Before the pandemic, I have done this. Since we are not getting together right now, you can save your gift until game night comes back, although I would hate for you to hold on to something for another year.

  7. Sell it. Why not make some money from it? There are different apps available where you can ship it to someone, or people who live near you can pick it up.

  8. Pitch it. In the end, if none of the above seems like a possibility to you due to the kind of gift received, say good bye to it.

  9. Give it back and be honest. I know I know... I cringed on that one for you! You see, now pitching it doesn't seem so bad, LOL.


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