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What You Can Work On Wednesday

Small organizing projects you can tackle in just 30 minutes to 2 hours.

This week's project is the Medicine Cabinet!

When you think of Spring, you probably think of flowers, nice weather, and getting your Spring wardrobe ready. I think of organizing and cleaning out spaces to be prepared for all things Spring. The medicine cabinet is a small space to begin your Spring cleaning, so let's get started!

Step 1: Open and evaluate products inside - what's inside, what needs to be pitched or replaced, and what products are needed for the season. Don't forget to include the oversupply of personal hygiene products in another area. Also, here is a great article from BYRDIE regarding when cosmetics expire. Now grab your phone to take notes during Step 2 through 5.

Step 2: Place a towel on your sink or floor (or wherever you have space), and remove all the product inside the medicine cabinet, while categorizing as you go along: face, teeth, cosmetics, lotions, etc.

TIP: Categorize items to your need. For Instance, have all your morning routine items together, you before bed routine together, your skincare routine together, etc.

TIP: It's a good idea to have the items you use most, lower in the cabinet if possible.

As you are categorizing it on the towel, look at expiration dates, decide on what to do with items you never used, and pitch any old and crusted products.

Step 3: Clean the entire medicine cabinet, inside and out, top to bottom. Don't forget to list items needed that come to mind.

Step 4: Move any shelves to fit your products, if adjustable. Unfortunately, shelving may dictate where items are going to be placed. Don't forget to list items needed that come to mind.

Step 5: Place items back in the medicine cabinet to how you decided to categorize it. Don't forget to list items needed that come to mind.

Step 6: Review your list of items and personal hygiene products that need to make their way into the medicine cabinet? Do you have room for it? Go ahead and finalize everything... YES, run over to CVS for the items on your list, then come back and finish.

YAY!! Now, you're all done!

Here are some medicine cabinet organizing products I know can help you with this project:

  1. Sunneyday Organizer Kit on Amazon comes with 4 clear organizers that are adhesive and have adjustable dividers. $20

  2. 2-Tier Organizer from The Home Edit can be found at The Container Store $10

  3. MagnaPods Cosmetic Organizer on Amazon $9/each

  4. The Home Edit by iDesign Mini 2-Drawer Organizer $13

Contact me today to help you with your medicine cabinet project, or make a plan in person or Virtually!

Organized by Catherine O organizes all areas of your home, maximizes your space, and problem-solves time management and productivity challenges. We are based in New York City and serve the NYC-Metro area.

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