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5 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Guest Bedroom for Thanksgiving Guests

I have had guests, I have been a guest and these are my simple tips on preparing for over the weekend guests.

  1. Make it comfortable. The room, the bed, and your home should feel comfortable for your guests. Many times, a guest's discomfort has more to do with not wanting to "bother" you. Let them know you sleep like a rock even if you don't, show them your favorite midnight snack, and anything else that would ease their mind thinking they may bother you with their routine. Don't forget to show them how the thermostat, TV, etc works. And stock up the fridge with their favorite foods, snacks, and drinks. TIP: Place a note in the room telling them you're delighted they're staying with you for the weekend.

  2. Provide everything they need. Set extra pillows, blankets, towels, a robe and slippers in the room. Also, let your guests know that you'll be happy to help if they forgot anything. If you have a true guest room, invest in a small fridge for the room with some extra water and fruit or snacks.

  3. Let them stay up or sleep in. Everyone goes to bed and wake up at different times. Allow your guests to keep their routine without feeling guilty.

  4. Make closet space. If your guest room closet tends to be more of a storage closet, now is a great time to declutter and clean out the closet. Some room for hanging and place their clothing would be appreciated.

  5. Have flexible plans. Although you may have some plans in mind for your guests, ask them what they may want to do, or if they have their own plans with friends & family.

Contact me here to help you with your Thanksgiving prep and organization.

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