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The Crisp Air of Fall is Here! Part 2: Organizing the Bedroom & Closets

I already wrote about cozying up your Living Room, Bathroom, and Bedroom for the cold crisp air that has landed. Now, it's about organizing the bedroom and closets for the season.


Now that you understand how to cozy up the room, let's get it reorganized for the season.

Night Stands

  • Dust and clean off the table tops and start anew. What are the items you really need on the table top - lamp, maybe a box of tissue, a book, and one other thing you use or need regularly when you're in bed.

  • Empty out each drawer. Clean and vacuum the drawers. Get rid of anything that is garbage or not needed. Reorganize each drawer and now include cozy socks, lozenges, cold medicine, and maybe extra tissue. Really look at what you need when you're in bed reading, in the middle of the night, and when you first wake up.

TIP: Small gift boxes, or other containers you already own, can be used as drawer organizers.

The Bed

  • Switch the linen or cotton sheets for flannel. Sheets or bed covers in fall colors warm up the bedroom. Place summer sheets on shelf in your closet, or in an underbed drawer until the next warm season.

  • If you do have underbed storage, look inside each one and see if you still need everything before replacing them with the summer items.

  • If you have "stuff" under your bed, clean it out and have your underbed clear of anything you do not need or use.

  • Look over your pillows. Launder or replace. If you have 2 make it 4 to make the bed more cozy.

  • Inspect you mattress cover. Purchase a new one if necessary, or add your current one to laundry.

  • Place a rug on each side of the bed. This way you don't touch a cold floor when you first get up in the morning... or in the middle of the night.

  • If possible, rearrange your bed so it is not near the window.

  • Make your bed every day!

TIP: Having two sheet sets and one comforter, or duvet cover, for each season is all you need.

The Windows

  • Switch your current curtains to velvet, or other fabric that are thicker and won't allow cold to go through it.

  • Check your windows now to ensure air is not coming in. If you live in apartment building, have your super or porter check for you if you don't know how.

  • If possible, rearrange bed so it's not near the window. Yes, I'm repeating myself.

  • It is recommended to remove AC units from windows. In NYC, that seems 50/50 because I see the AC units on windows all year round.

The Rest of the Bedroom

  • If you a TV area in your bedroom, clean it out. Remove items not related to the TV, cable, or streaming equipment.

  • Clear the floors. What makes a room look cluttered, and difficult to clean, is when every inch of the floor is taken up by bags with items on the floor you don't use or need, or items you have dumped on the floor and never got back to.

  • Look at having a vertical organization system if in a small space. Vertical organization that takes the span of one wall, will free up floors and other walls.


It's thaaattt tiiiimme! If you haven't already, it's time to switch out the closets. Goodbye Summer, hello Fall and Winter!

  1. Have 3 bags (donate, trash, repair/cleaners), and a pen & paper or phone to take notes. You're going to take down notes on what you need and what needs replacing.

  2. Remove all summer items from drawers and place on your bed by category: tops, sweaters, camis, tanks, T's, sleepwear, lounge, etc- BTW, it should have been stored by category ;-)

  3. Replace your hung Summer wardrobe with your Fall/Winter clothing. Switch out your folded items in the now empty drawers.

  4. Remove all footwear from the closet. Look at what shoes/sneakers you would wear the most and keep this on the floor of the closet in front of the closet door. The rest can stay in boxes and place to the side of closet, stacked.

  5. Place the summer shoes in the boxes that just emptied and place on shelf above, stacked.

  6. Switch out your summer accessories too. TIP: Have all your swim items in a box or bin on a shelf so you know it's all together. This will make it easier to find, and pack, if you are going on a warm-weather vacation in the cold months.

Now you should have all the Spring/Summer at the top of your closet, or underbed, and your Fall/Winter ready to go in your closet and drawers. This task can take a full day or two to complete depending on amount of items, whether or not you declutter, and if you had coffee with your breakfast, LOL.

Contact me here to help you organize your bedroom and closet once and for all, and in less time. Then you won't need me for your next switch out!

Organized by Catherine O organizes all areas of your home, maximizes your space, and problem-solves time management and productivity challenges. We are based in New York City and serve the NYC-Metro area.

For more tips & photos you won't see here, follow me on Instagram @OrgByCatO


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