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Friendly Friday

A tip I gave my BFF she said I should share

A couple of weeks ago, my BFF asked me what can she do with all the black dresses she has in a drawer that will make it easier to know what she is grabbing vs unfolding each one until she gets to the one she wants to wear?

The answer is to fold them according to the sleeve of the dress in this particular order:

  1. Strapless

  2. Very strappy

  3. Tank style

  4. One shoulder

  5. Cap Sleeve

  6. Short Sleeve

  7. 3/4 Sleeve

  8. Long Sleeve

Then within those, categorize again by neckline: Tank style, round, then square, then V-neck. The key is to know what you own (some black garments are not a true black), and their fabrication. This makes it easier to retrieve the dress you want to wear and place back in order.

You can also hang your dresses of the same color in this manner. I prefer hanging dresses differently, but for those who own a large amount of any specific clothing in one color, this will make it easier to locate what you're looking for.

Need a quick tip? Go ahead and ask me. You will read the answer on the next blog post!

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