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What You Can Work on Wednesday

Small organizing projects you can tackle in just 30 minutes to 2 hours.

This week's project: Footwear Organization... for the Fellas!

Shoe organization is an ongoing challenge; especially if you have a large shoe size, or planning to add more to your footwear collection... I'm talking to you Sneakerhead, LOL.

Organizing Your Footwear

  1. Where are they going to be stored? Closet(s), a room, a wall, on a door? This will guide to the different kinds of shoe racks, boxes, and organizers you will need.

  2. Review ALL your footwear. Get it all out in the open (dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, sandals, boots, and so on), and categorize it by type. Look them over and decide what you're keeping, pitching, or needs repair.

  3. Have all your footwear in one location. It wastes time and energy to have to go into different closets, rooms, or locations to retrieve what you want to wear.

Footwear Organizers

The average men's shoe is 12.5 inches in length from toe to heel; which means shoe organizers need to be more than 13 inches in depth and at least 7 inches in height. Unfortunately, most shoe organizers are between 10-12 inches deep. So I went on a hunt for shoe organizers that would fit best for men's shoes.

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